Creating impact with your social campaign

Recently, Taco Bell made a bold statement. They went dark on their Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram profile. Did they completely shut down their social media? …not exactly. In a world where we’re inundated with posts, tweets and likes – Taco Bell was doing the opposite of a typical social campaign to announce the … Read moreCreating impact with your social campaign

The Meaning of “Creating Content”

As social media savvy users, we often feel pressured to create the perfect content. But what is the perfect content? That solely depends on the channel you’re using and your audience. Creating content doesn’t have to be a lot of work – don’t think of it as a chore where you have to write a blog, or you have to create a newsletter. … Read moreThe Meaning of “Creating Content”

L ³: Lindsay’s Lessons Learned – The Power of Visibility

Do you recognize this building? Chances are, you do. It’s Walt Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle and the tale of how it came to be is the reason behind everything we do at Jive. Let us tell you a story about the power of visibility… In 1952, a man by the name of Walt Disney had a … Read moreL ³: Lindsay’s Lessons Learned – The Power of Visibility

L³: Lindsay’s Lessons Learned

Communication Tip: Don’t Bury Your Lead  Definition: bury the lead verb: (idiomatic) (news writing style) To begin a story with details of secondary importance to the reader while postponing more essential points or facts. [NOTE: THIS IS NOT GOOD]   If you want to communicate effectively you have to structure your writing to lead with … Read moreL³: Lindsay’s Lessons Learned