Generation Riesling

From the glossy cover of a shopping bag, a sexy ‘lip-licking’ lady and her glass of white wine was looking at me. Ah – our German friends in the wine industry have decided to flip a new page, fashionably! I picked up this beautiful bag at a “Generation Riesling” German Riesling tasting lunch featuring wines … Read more Generation Riesling

The Crème Brulee Indulgence

I’m a full-fledged dessert fan! In terms of “sweet tooth”, I have a mouthful.  My sweet selections do not limit to any style or flavour,  and no particular ethnic choices either. From Tiramisu, Crepe Suzette, Crumble to Chinese Rice Pudding or sweet soup, I seldom say no! There is a problem though, after tasting numerous … Read more The Crème Brulee Indulgence

A pot of flavour-drenching comfort food

If you come into my kitchen, the first thing you’ll notice is a large clay pot.  As a matter of fact, the 15-quart drum-like clay pot is sitting on the stove top, loaded with simmering creamy chicken congee and emitting warm and ravishing aroma right now.  The congee, which takes about 2 hours to perfect, … Read more A pot of flavour-drenching comfort food

Splendor Food & Wine Days at Niagara-on-the-Lake

  To many, the name “Niagara’ refers to the mighty Niagara Falls where casinos and grand hotels now sit next to the roar.  However, Niagara is also known as part of the Ontario wine region, the very reason why we decided to pay a week-end visit. Little did I know, before the giant fall, glamorous … Read more Splendor Food & Wine Days at Niagara-on-the-Lake

Are you Dining Out yet?

No matter how busy we are these two weeks, checking out a few of the 263 restaurants on the Dine Out Vancouver Festival 2014 list is a must! I’m quite sure many of you have already started the Dine Out fanatic and probably sharing tips and reviews amongst friends. Well, here’s mine. Restaurants: 3 of … Read more Are you Dining Out yet?

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