Cactus Club Cafe to host Chefs on Deck for Camp Goodtimes – October 24

On October 24, Cactus Club Cafe Chef Rob Feenie will be teaming up with the city’s most renowned chefs to present Chefs on Deck for Camp Goodtimes. The charity dinner will be hosted at Cactus Club Cafe’s iconic English Bay location with all ticket sales proceeds benefitting Canadian Cancer Society’s Camp Goodtimes.

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The Beaumont Studios
"The Tours for the Recently Deceased” is a one of a kind live action showcase. A choose your own adventure style experience that has you engaging with some of Tim Burton’s most iconic characters. One by one you visit each in their setting, solving riddles and advancing through the afterlife.
Brought to the you by “Beaumont Studios” in partnership with “Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret”. This is the studio’s largest most elaborate theatrical initiative to date. And the unique shared space of Beaumont Studios lends itself to the theatrics. This open environment is studio space to a wide variety of emerging artists and creative professionals.
This Halloween show will be running for the next 13 days. October 18-27th, 7-10pm (11pm on weekends), sessions starting in 20 minutes intervals. Tickets are $30 per person ($25 for members), available on EventBrite.
With thanks to #guestblogger @magmei for the review (publishing later today) and the image. Thanks for the experience @thebeaumontstudios @dustyflowerpotcabaret #sp