Would you like to attend the Filberg Festival CONTEST


MyVanCity.ca is giving away passes for the Filberg Festival happening in Comox August 1 – 4 courtesy of The Filberg.

One lucky winner will receive their choice of either two (2) weekend passes or four (4) single day passes plus a return BC Ferries trip to the Island for car and driver.

To win just do the following:

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Leave a comment on this post: Tell us if you love the Filberg Festival for the entertainers or the artisans.

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Contest closes July 25, 2014.

Facebook: Filberg Festival

Twitter: @FilbergFest



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32 thoughts on “Would you like to attend the Filberg Festival CONTEST

  1. Bons

    I’ve never been to the Filberg Festival. I think I would like the artisans more.

  2. Cassandra

    I love it for the artisans. Although I’m sure my 10 month old would love the entertainers. He loves to dance! Thanks for the chance!

  3. P.

    I’ve never been to this festival but have heard it’s wonderful. Love supporting local artisans of all kinds!

  4. Debbie F

    The artisans

  5. Teresa K

    The Artisans

  6. Artisans + entertainers + musicians + food + beauty of the natural setting + the volunteers + the folks who attend = why I ❤️ the Filberg Festival

  7. Linda

    I want to go for the music. Liked, followed and signed up.

  8. Would you like to attend the Filberg Festival CONTEST? – YES PLEASE!

  9. Lindsay Simmons

    the artisans – Liked followed

  10. Lin

    Oh, I forgot to say in my previous post – I followed on twitter and thank you for the chance!

  11. Lin

    My friend mentioned this festival to me recently and got me curious so this would be a great opportunity for me to enjoy this festival on the island (where I feel most at home!).

  12. let’s go to the Filberg Festival

  13. Looking forward to the artists artwork at this event!! It would be great to visit the island and check this out!!!

  14. Jen

    I love the entertainers and the artisans! It looks like an amazing time to relax, look at all the great local items for sale all while taking in the entertainment! With it being held in Comox, is like the cherry on top of it all…I love the Comox area 🙂 thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. Jill Kenny

    Love the musicians and the artisans. Great combination at an awesome location.

  16. Ariel C

    the artisans!

  17. Gillian

    Also meant to say or the entertainers! Royal Wood! So great!

  18. Gillian

    I haven’t been since I worked there. Years! Would love to go back:)

  19. Arjun Rudra

    Love the Filberg festival for the artisans. Followed on Twitter and Facebook and subscribed to the newsletter.

  20. Radhika Khan

    The artisans

  21. Eileen

    Already subscribed to the newsletter

  22. Eileen

    Liked & followed.
    I love the Filberg Festival for the artisans.

  23. ESpecht

    Love this Festival. Great for the whole family!

  24. Nicci Dot C.A.

    I <3 the Filberg Festival for the ARTisans.

    Always the ARTisans…. 🙂

  25. Lorraine Grande

    I have heard from a “little bird” that this festival is an unkept secret. My favorite would be the musicians in such an amazing sounding outdoor setting, but I do love and appreciate the work artisans do as well! I’d love to be invited to this Festival. :)))

  26. awesome event and contest

  27. Lisa North

    I go for the entire experience, any chance to be in nature and hear music! I guess since you asked I do go for the musicians! always a super interesting lineup! thanks a lot for the festival!

  28. Tana Boyce

    An absolute highlight of the summer. The artisans, entertainers, and the food! Look forward to it every year…strolling through the beautiful park, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells!

  29. Debbie F

    I go for the artisans

  30. Lexia Nash

    Well personally I love this fest for both! It would be so nice to see such a great lineup of musicians but for me since I’ve just moved into my new place, I’d be going as well for the artisans to see if I can find some nice new items to add in my home!
    Thanks for the chance,
    gypsygreenz on twitter 🙂

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