My all time favourite Velopalooza event

This is all about Lights lights lights glow sticks, costumes, dancing music and FUN.

How to install lights on your bicycle 

  • Lights get EL lights at any bike store, electronics shop or order online.
  • Glow sticks get them at dollar stores
  • Music is a must.  It’s about synchronizing to the dedicated music mix that will be available on soundcloud
  • Speakers in your basket, pack sack, rat trap you’ll find a way
  • Dancing there will be stops along the way.  Lock your bikes no stress, dance fuel up
  • Costumes from funky EL shirts to simple glow crowns in your hair anything blinking reflecting lights up works
  • Tips have extra tape,  zap straps,  glow sticks on hand for those quick emergency repairs
  • Super charge your devices it’s going to be a long amazing night.

The city is stunning at night.  All ages abilities will be there,  If you have wheels and are human powered c’mon out  and show this City the Bike love out there.

Be there for the countdown at Crab Park 8pm ready to roll 9 sharp

Check out all the details at the beautiful BIKE RAVE July 5th 2014 


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