Opposites Attract: Contrasting design from MOE’S Home Collection

Sticking to a single style is an easy way to design an interior, but mixing unexpected elements elevates a space from tired to inspired. With an eclectic collection of home furnishings and décor pieces, MOE’S Home Collection offers a myriad of style combinations to suit any taste.

From classic with contemporary to minimalist with embellished, MOE’S provides a selection of contrasting design pairings that, together, create spaces that are both wonderfully unconventional and undeniably chic.


Classic & Contemporary

Modestly subdued and beautifully balanced, classic interior design is imbued with new life when paired with bold au courant pieces. The contemporary pattern and vibrant hues of this velvet cushion offer a unique touch to a classically structured sofa, creating a stylish yet comfortably livable space.

Watercolor Velvet Cushion w/ Feather Insert, $139   Romano Sofa Light Grey, $995


Rustic & Scandinavian

Bring a hint of old country charm to the big city with raw, organic woods paired with sleek Scandinavian designs. The rustic appeal of this dining table works well with this asymmetrical circle chair for a look that’s at once natural, urban and chic.


Twist Dining Chair, $929                                  Moku Dining Table Round, $1,825


Minimalist & Victorian

While minimalist design may favour a “less is more” approach, the addition of pieces that evoke a period of dramatic embellishment works to form a space that’s elegant without being dated. Paired with luxe tufted chairs, this clean wood coffee table is elevated to stylish—and sumptuous—new heights.

Havana Coffee Table Small Walnut, $269               Barclay Side Chair Black, $285


Retro & Modern

Blur the lines between old and new by combining vivacious retro flair with a sleek, modern aesthetic. The rounded shape of this classic 50s-era chair-and-ottoman combo pairs beautifully with the end table’s crisp, futuristic lines for a playful look that harbours nostalgic charm.


Emo Leather Chair & Ottoman White, $1,395                Pluto End Table Silver, $319


East & West

Marry the exquisite opulence of East Asian design with the meticulous craftsmanship rooted in the West’s arts and crafts movement for a look that offers the best of both traditions. The warm tones in these pieces make for a complementary match while their distinctive shapes evoke a style that is to each very much their own.

Aga Mirror, $569                  Estelle Chair Natural Walnut w/ Low Sheen, $968



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