The world’s first home carbonation system that carbonates all ingredients in the bottle for intense pressure-infused flavour 
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching; many people may be stumped on what to get one of the most important women in their lives. With spring in full-force comes the launch of a product that truly celebrates the fresh, seasonal ingredients around us.Available at select retailers in May 2015, bonneO is a home carbonation system that allows users to place multiple ingredients and carbonate them together in an elegant bottle, without using a CO2 tank. From inventive bubbly cocktails to healthy tea tonics, adults and kids alike are sure to enjoy creating healthy sparkling drinks at home, making it the perfect gift for mom.

 bonneO, which comes from the French words ‘bonne eau’ (‘good water’), is truly the first carbonation technology that is a CO2 tank-free, ‘pre-mix’ home system, meaning everything is carbonated inside a sealed bottle with the simple push of a button, eliminating the need to manually pump, push or shake anything. The bottle is sealed and can be stored in the refrigerator until it is ready to be consumed. The system generates CO2 using a carbonator tablet where only the CO2 gas is transferred into the bottle.


“My wife and I create healthy beverages for ourselves, make soda alternatives for our daughters and put on a show with party cocktails when entertaining,” says bonneO founder Darren Hatherell.


 The bonneO system helps bubbly beverage fans create an array of carbonated drinks using ingredients found in the average kitchen. As a result, users can quench their thirst with homemade sparkling infusionscustom sodas and bubbly cocktails with pressure-infused flavour from real components such as fresh fruit, herbs and loose leaf teas. The company worked closely with a mixologist to create over 100 recipes, with delicious concoctions such as the modern Moscow Mule, orange basil Gin Fizz or strawberry thyme sparkling lemonade, all made available in a beautiful recipe book.


Because bonneO creations are sourced from real ingredients, they provide a healthy alternative that keep kids’ thirst quenched without feeding them sugar and chemicals found in store-bought sodas. “Kids love carbonated beverages and we prefer to know and influence what our kids drink and are consuming. They love to watch the process, and getting them involved making fun things using healthy ingredients is good for everyone,” says Hatherell.


As of May 2015, the bonneO systems are available at Home OutfittersHudson’s Bay and Williams-Sonoma throughout Canada and come equipped with three carbonator tablets, good for three whole soda creations. It’s a Mother’s Day gift that promises to please, and one the whole family is sure to benefit from.

About bonneO

bonneO is a home carbonation system. The name means ‘good water’ from the French ‘bonne eau’. The inspiration for the system was to create a new range of carbonated beverages using real ingredients from the kitchen. Since starting from scratch it was also a chance to make a modern, sleek appliance that doesn’t require a CO2 tank to handle and return.

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