RAW Vancouver: presents “VERVE” 

WHEN: Thursday, September 8th, 2016 

TIME: 8:00pm – 1:00am 


750 Pacific Blvd. 

Vancouver, BC 

Featuring 30+ local artists! 

SPONSOR: Pocket Social

HOST: Scott Patey DJ: MJ 

LIVE MUSIC: Ava Carich, This Side of Town, Univer SOUL, Jennifer Robert, JADE and KAIS

HAIR SHOW: featuring, Angela Ohana and Gwen Nguyen with SUKIS Hair Salon and Hayley McElwain

MAKE UP ARTISTS: Hailey Jean Taylor, Kristalyn Thornborrow, Tammy Neron

ART GALLERY: featuring, Lauren Kembi, Diego Pacheco, Kacy Doucet, Jenna O’Rourke, Arsalan Esmaeili, Soda Leavey, Katherine Brown Studios, Hilda Mollenhoff, Breanna Deis, Boria Mandlis, Garvin Chinnia, Jennifer Tocchio, Mishka Heimowski, Myranda Corkum, Jessica May, Tristan Klein, dont.doze.on.us, Chelsea Holdsworth.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Austin Waibel, Mihailo Subotic with Snap Edit Show Photography, Mike Wu, David Astorga, Isaac Wray.

JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES: Jenna Spearing with Shape & Strike Jewelry

MUSIC VIDEO/FILM: Scott Mallory, Jr.

LIVE PAINTING: Breanna Deis & Myranda Corkum

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What is RAW? 

RAW is an indie arts organization for artists, by artists. Every other month RAW hand selects and showcases artists in film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hairstyling, makeup artistry and photography. RAW creates a one night showcase event that features local creativity in all of its flavors. Visit www.RAWartists.org/about for more information.


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