Vancouver International Film Festival presents “Scheme Birds” – a review

“Scheme Birds” is a beautifully crafted film. The intimacy with which Gemma allows her life to be shared is powerful; viewers feel what she feels and hope along with her that the next chapters of her life bring her the fulfillment she deserves.

Reelworld Announces 2019 Programming, Tickets and Passes on Sale Now!

BIPOC Canadians are constantly asked, “Where are you from”? Our passports say we are Canadian, but we can still feel ostracized. The films we chose this year are reflective of our struggle to find our “Home” – a place for our family, community and where we feel a sense of welcome and belonging.

EMV Commences 50th Anniversary Season with ‘Le Concert Spirituel’ Featuring Jeanne Lamon

“This exquisite and underappreciated repertoire is a perfect opportunity to bring together BC’s very own Victoria Baroque, with one of Canada’s internationally acknowledged musical treasures,” remarks Matthew White, Executive and Artistic Director of EMV.

BC Culture Days Unveils 10th Anniversary Lineup of Lower Mainland Events

“Creative expression is vital for the health and wellness of a community,” says BC Culture Days Manager Nazanin Shoja. “We are proud to shine a light on the essential role arts and culture plays across the province to boost community engagement, foster deeper social connections, and build an understanding and appreciation for the collective artistic experience. With hundreds of engaging and exciting community events taking place across British Columbia, I have no doubt there will be an event that will cater to every taste and interest, while encouraging exploration into new artistic ventures!” 

The Cultch and Urban Ink present Raven Transforming Cabaret Festival

Around the world, cabaret festivals emerged as a raucous and exhilarating way of expressing uprising during periods of change.  “It’s been a platform for political discourse and for engaging in deep conversations all around the world,” says festival co-curator, Corey Payette.