VIIF not be be confused with VIFF – The Vancouver International Improv Festival

With improv, you never know what you’re going to get, and I suppose that’s the point. But to provide some insight on the Vancouver International Improv Festival currently underway on Granville Island, the acting is top notch and the laughs are many, making for a great night of live theatre.

I attended two shows on Wednesday night, featuring The Vancouver Ensemble, The International Ensemble and The Darkest Hour. The Darkest Hour opened the evening with their own brand of dark humour. A three-piece ensemble, they created a story line around a somewhat unusual topic chosen by an audience member. Their seemingly scripted performance is a testament to their talents.


The Vancouver Ensemble was a highlight. Rummaging through a box of secrets provided anonymously by the audience. They began by creating mini scenes, tagging in and out different groups. It was absolutely hilarious! Finally they created a larger scene with one secret, which again, developed into something that may not have been any better if it was pre-planned.


The International Ensemble in the second show of the evening took a different approach. Their idea was previously thought out, however they left a few things to chance, allowing the audience to choose teams and scenarios. Clearly a high level of acting made for a great scene.

If you’re a fan of comedy and live theatre, I would not hold back on attending a performance at VIIF! Check the schedule at

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