Thomas Haas’ Lineup for 2017 Includes Whimsical Bunnies, Hens and Chicks, Truffle Eggs in New Exotic Flavours and Special Prizes for Annual Charitable Easter Raffle 


Renowned chocolatier Thomas Haas is welcoming spring by unveiling his latest annual collection of handcrafted Easter-themed confections — available exclusively at both Thomas Haas Chocolates & Pâtisserie locations — and bringing back his annual Charitable Easter Egg Raffle benefiting the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and North Shore Crisis Society.

New to the pecking order in Haas’ 2017 Easter lineup are a Trio of Chicks, featuring chocolate chicks filled with crispy hazelnut praline and decorated with truffle eggs ($29); Hen and Chicks, with a mother hen and her chicks filled with chocolate Easter creations ($39); Hen in Nest, sporting a hen in a handmade chocolate nest decorated and filled with an assortment of Easter goodies ($49); as well as all-new designs for his popular Duckling in a Chocolate Eggshell and Chocolate Flowerpot, handcrafted playful creations featuring a chocolate flower or duckling decorated with an assortment of Easter treats ($39).

As always, Haas has plenty of signature bunny-themed treats on offer, including the delectable handmade “Buster”, made out of 22 individual pieces of chocolate and assembled with melted chocolate (small, $29; large, $49); the animated “Thumper” (starting at $36, sold by weight); Traditional Easter Bunnies available in dark, milk or white chocolate varieties (starting at $24, sold by weight); and solid chocolate Mini Bunnies (single nest $2.50; triple nest $6.50 or 4 for $22).

Kids of all ages will have more than their fill of egg-citement this Easter, thanks to a carton of handmade egg-themed Haas confections such as:

• Easter Truffle Eggs — Available in all-new dark chocolate ganache with caramel & lavender, milk chocolate ganache with yuzu or white chocolate infused with lemon and thyme flavours (single nest $2 / triple nest $5.80 or 4 for $20);

• Truffle Egg Boxes — Available in dark, milk or white chocolate varieties, packaged in a clear, six-piece carton and tied with a decorative ribbon ($14);

• Easter Egg Nest — Containing eight truffle eggs and treats and nestled in colourful Easter grass ($9.50);

• Crispy Gianduja Eggs — Filled with hazelnut crème and puffed rice and available in both one-piece bag and two-piece gift box varieties ($7 / $16);

• Surprise Easter Eggs — Filled with an assortment of chocolate surprises (small/two surprises $19, medium/six surprises $32, large/10-12 surprises, $49).

Other creations from Thomas Haas’ 2017 Easter Collection include:

• Race Car Roadster — Fun to play with and even more fun to eat, these fast and furious speedsters feature racing stripes, chocolate wheels and drivers ($39);

• Handcrafted Easter Chocolate Box — Beautifully handcrafted chocolate boxes brimming with an assortment of Easter truffles ($39);

• Lollipops — Dark, milk and white chocolate lollipops available in both Chocolate with Easter designs ($2.90 each or five for $13) or Truffle varieties ($2.50 each or five for $11);

• Easter Stollen with Pistachios and Cherries — a signature Thomas Haas item inspired by the chocolatier’s famous Christmas Stollen, this delicacy is fashioned from almonds, Sicilian pistachios and kirsch-bathed organic cherries and a chocolate egg in the centre, symbolizing rebirth and the arrival of spring ($26);

• Thomas Haas Signature Boxes — Custom-tailored to be tiered as high as each customer requires and filled with a custom selection of chocolates, signature boxes are available in two-piece ($7), four-piece ($12), nine-piece ($21), 18-piece, two-tier ($35), 27-piece, three-tier ($52), 36-piece, four-tier ($67), 45-piece, five-tier ($82) or 54-piece, six-tier ($99) sizes.

All 2017 Easter products will be available at both Thomas Haas cafés in North Vancouver and Kitsilano, with a limited selection also available at high-end retailers such as Whole Foods and Urban Fare. A variety of items may also be ordered online at thomashaas.com and shipped across Canada.


Thomas Haas’ annual Charitable Easter Egg Raffle is back with 40 delectable Easter prizes — including four giant Easter creations — up for grabs. Raffle tickets are $3 each or four for $10 and the draw will be held on Friday, April 14 at 2 p.m. simultaneously at both the North Vancouver and Kitsilano locations. One hundred per cent of the proceeds will be donated to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and North Shore Crisis Society.


ABOUT THOMAS HAAS CHOCOLATES & PÂTISSERIE | An internationally acclaimed, fourth-generation pâtissier, Thomas Haas gained experience in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and North America before settling in Vancouver and opening his own namesake chocolaterie, patisserie and café in 2005. Haas — Vancouver Magazine’s Pastry Chef of the Year in 2011 and 2013 through ’16 — uses only the finest raw ingredients sourced both locally and from around the globe and, in keeping with family custom, eschews the notion of assembly lines and mass-production techniques, instead trusting in a talented team of pastry chefs and chocolatiers whose finesse and sensitivity is lovingly expressed in every hand-spun confection.

Thomas Haas products are exclusively available at both his Kitsilano and North Vancouver cafés as well as select leading hotels, retailers and restaurants across North America. www.thomashaas.com

North Shore | 128 – 998 Harbourside Drive | North Vancouver, BC  V7P 3T2 | 604-924-1847

Kitsilano | 2539 West Broadway | Vancouver, BC  V6K 2E9 | 604-736-1848

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (closed Sunday and Monday)

Twitter: @thaaschocolates  |  Instagram: @thaaschocolates  |  Facebook: /thaaschocolates


Photo credits: Amy Ho


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