THE ROMANCE OF METALS: Introducing a new capsule collection from designer IZA JEWELRY

Official Launch: Wednesday, AUGUST 1, 2018, 10am PST


Vancouver designer Izabela Domachowski has launched a capsule collection following a hiatus from her label Iza Jewelry. Presented alongside a fresh relaunch of her signature line, the twelve pieces, will make its online debut August 1st, available exclusively on the label’s website

The Iza Jewelry collection reflects Izabela’s love for metals, offering iconic and fierce designs that are inspired by timeless estate jewelry made for the modern, confident woman. Priced from $65 – $350, over 30 styles composed of necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings and rings are designed with faceted details using recycled precious metals.

“I took a mini hiatus last year to look at what I had already produced and redefine what it meant to be a designer,” said Izabela. “I wanted to slow the process down and create pieces that carried meaning. Jewelry that was forever.”

Following the two-tone signature collection already adored worldwide, Izabela now presents sterling silver necklaces dipped in gold (Helios Necklace), playful chokers to layer with longer chains (Satellite Choker) and earrings that add a point of difference (Indigo Studs).

Iza Jewelry is currently available exclusively online with worldwide shipping. Wholesale orders will be welcomed September 2018.


Izabela Domachowski has always been a creative director and seeker of new possibilities. Traditionally trained in the arts and co-founder of DOMOGENEOUS Creative Firm, Izabela wanted to unleash a unique collection of jewelry pieces that pulled us into a nomadic dream world. Each piece is elegant and simple. Each piece contains the essence of a special place from a particular time in Iza’s world wanderings. These artifacts are reflections of deep oceans, ancient evergreens, expansive deserts. They resonate with the spirit of a freedom-found women. These pieces are for the souls that find they are bound by no place, who discover home is everywhere.  

Izabela evenly splits her time between her hometown Vancouver and Bali –– where she designs and works with the local silversmiths producing her collections. Generationally trained artisans craft each piece, one x one, using the traditional technique of hand-engraved lost wax casting.


For the wild hearts. The dreamers, the bedouins of freedom and independence, and those who have faith in the providence of the road that lies before them. For those who take note of the dawn that rises, and who fear not the darkness when it comes –– the lost intrepid souls who dare to love truly, and to find romance in all of life’s tragedies and sorrows.

Featured image: Satellite Chokers from the new Iza Jewelry collection. (

Izabela Domachowski, Creative Director & Designer




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