“NFT Art Gala at 1931 Gallery Bistro of Vancouver Art Gallery”

The summer edition of NFT Art Gala by Cocktail Connoisseur and Kiarash TK will be held at 1931 Gallery Bistro of Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday August 27th, 2022 from 6PM till late!

The Vancouver-based creative due, Cocktail Connoisseur and Kiarash TK, invite you to their wonderland of art, cocktails and music as they bring back the summer edition of the NFT Art Gala where the NFTs and cocktails come together. This edition is hosted at the beautiful garden patio of 1931 Gallery Bistro at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

In a continued effort to promote the emerging influence of visual arts in the new spaces of Web 3.0 and Virtual Reality, this summer, Cocktail Connoisseur and Kiarash TK invite you to join the summer edition of their prestigious NFT Art Gala at 1931 Gallery Bistro of Vancouver Art Gallery, located at 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver. This event is sponsored by Navid Hakimi Homes, a pioneer in the digital transformation of real estate industry and starts at 6PM, ending at midnight. In this unique immersive gala, the artistic journey of exhibited creators -displayed on two large LED walls- will be tastefully paired with exclusively curated molecular cocktails developed by the master mixologists of Cocktail Connoisseur (Jean Laven and Kam Tabarraee) and inspired by the story and the style of work of each of the artists. Furthermore, the audience are provided with the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the most brilliant minds within the creative space while enjoying four very special musical performances by DJ Evo, Silmar Gonzales, Rene Luna and HKNC.

Featured Blockchain Game: Tiny Colony
Feature Studio: Bad Decisions Studio
Featured Blockchain Educator: Ali Sabet

Featured NFT Artists:
Kiarash TK
Christian Whiticar
Dino Archie
Sadam Pacheto
Jace Juggyu Kim


“We believe in creating an experience not just a drink. Join us and experience how art can transform your life, one cocktail at a time.” says Kam Tabarraee, CEO at Cocktail Connoisseur.

Cocktail Connoisseur is Vancouver’s first experimental “Ghost Bar” focused on delivering elevated and art-inspired cocktail experiences anywhere, anytime. To name a few of their niche and disrupting products and services, one can refer to:
The first Vancouver’s online cocktail bar on UberEATS serving their craft ready-to-drink cocktails on-demand
The first Vancouver’s smart cocktail vending machine to be deployed in October 2022 in select establishments
Cocktail and art immersive experiences such as Fashion and Cocktails with Kiarash TK and Tattoos and Cocktails with Le Papillon Studio

Kiarash TK, started his creative journey as a graffiti artist at his birthplace of Tehran, Iran in 2009. His unique work has been exhibited in Tehran, Berlin and NewYork to name a few.

After moving to Canada in 2016, he found the next chapter of his creative development in Fashion. His sensational designs from his first label, King & Reign, have been showcased at Cannes Film Festival, Vancouver and London Fashion Week.

In 2021, Kiarash TK and Cocktail Connoisseur, joined forces to reinvent the boundaries of art and entertainment. The summer edition of their NFT Art Gala will be featuring the latest work by Kiarash TK and art-inspired cocktails by Cocktail Connoisseur.

Recap of 1st NFT Art Gala by Cocktail Connoisseur & Kiarash TK

Information, video and image provided by Cocktail Connoisseur.

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