Commodity Juicery Teaches Vancouver How to Juice

How to juice

HOW TO JUICE Curious about the health benefits of fresh-pressed juice? Come take part in an interactive workshop-style event led by Carissa Campeotto from Vancouver’s Commodity Juicery and nutritionist Keyrsten McEwan from Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre: learn how to juice, and the many health benefits associated with it! A demonstration will be given as to … Read more

Subsidized Naturopathic Healthcare for Vancouver

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Subsidized Naturopathic Healthcare: The Integrative Community Accessibility Program One of Vancouver’s most established and recognized integrated medical clinics has created a program offering low-cost naturopathic healthcare for residents of British Columbia who are covered by the Premium Assistance Medical Services Plan. Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre quietly but officially launched the Integrative Community Accessibility Program (ICAP) … Read more

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