Green Thumbs on The Canada Line

Are you an avid gardener or just wish you had a green thumb? Hop on The Canada Line for a tour of Vancouver’s community gardens.

Top five reasons to visit Community Gardens on The Canada Line

  1. The gardens are beautiful
  2. To get some good ideas for your own garden
  3. To meet the volunteers that work the community gardens
  4. It’s free to visit
  5. It’s a family friendly activity

Gardens either on The Canada Line or nearby:

Cambie Community Garden at 500 West 54th Avenue

Church of the Good Shepherd at 189 West 11th Avenue

City Hall Lawn Garden at West 10th Avenue and Cambie Street

Elizabeth Rogers at East 7th Avenue and Manitoba Street

John McBride Community Garden at West 1st Avenue and Wylie Street

Langara Community Garden at Ontario Street between East 50th and 51st Avenues

Mount Pleasant at West 16th Avenue and Ontario Street

Pearsons Farmers on 57th at West 57th Avenue and Cambie Street

SEFC Community Garden 215 West 1st Avenue

SPEC Cambie Communal Garden at West 10th Avenue and Cambie Street

Tenth Church at East 10th Avenue and Ontario Street

The Rise on Cambie at Cambie Street and West 7th Avenue


Valerie van der Gracht

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