Leavin’ on a jet plane via The Canada Line & Fairmont YVR

Okay, I love to travel and often on a budget. I look for the best value on flights, or where possible, even use points. One of the downsides to bargain air travel is scheduling.

Not sure why but flying from points West can be very challenging and exhausting especially when the flights are either a “red eye” or so early I almost wish I was staying home!

I have found the perfect solution to this conundrum: start you trip or vacation at YVR Airport…more specifically, start your vacation at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel.

Rooms with a runway view
Rooms with a runway view

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel is a terrific full service hotel with spacious, well appointed rooms and suites, and friendly staff. One of my favourite types of room has views of the runway. It is captivating watching the big jets taxi on the runway, landing or departing, to and from exotic locales.

Top notch dining options too, Globe@YVR, and the Jetside Bar or grab a snack for your flight from the in house Cake Shop.

Cake Shop
Afternoon Tea

So from now on I’m not going to worry about early morning flights. I’m going to start my trip or vacation a day early, board The Canada Line to YVR and check in the night before at the fabulously luxurious Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel!

YVR station
The only way to fly!

For those of you travelling into Vancouver, check out the Ride the Line promotion: stay in luxury and conveniently explore Vancouver via The Canada Line!




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