Trippin’ on The Canada Line

Five top reasons to take The Canada Line to YVR Airport:

  1. It’s fast
  2. It’s convenient
  3. The seats are comfy
  4. You’ll arrive on time
  5. No parking or traffic worries
The Canada Line Stations
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October is here again. One of my favourite months to travel is October. The best way to start my travels is with The Canada Line.

B line

The Canada Line is accessible from every direction in the city. Hop on the B-line going east or west on Broadway to connect to The Canada Line. Or board at any of the convenient stations from Waterfront to Marine Drive in Vancouver. Also connecting from the stations in Richmond and from points south hubbing through Bridgeport Station.

Bridgeport Station
Bridgeport Station

Getting to YVR Airport is fast and smooth. It is the easiest way to start your trip and the most convenient. No parking worries or traffic nightmares.

Vancouver International Airport

You will arrive less stressed and on time when you take The Canada Line.

So wherever your travels take you this October, have a great time!

Travel The Canada Line.



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