The Power Of Asking Makes Penguins Fly


To Our Fellow dreamers! 
I’m a Berlin bred and Vancouver based children’s book author who published her first book Our Canadian Love Story in 2013. This year I have a new book: Pom Pom –  A Flightless Bully Tale
I believe every day should be anti-bullying day. Many bullying causes have found their supporters but the sad reality is that children and adults are bullied on a consistent basis because of their 
weight and our society has yet to intervene. After working with the Canadian Obesity Network and contributing to several groups on Weight Bias and Stigma it’s time to reach our children. 
By pre-purchasing my book you can help us publish so that I may take it out into the schools to start a dialogue on anti- weight bullying. If you’ve read enough you can visit our funding 
campaign here… otherwise feel free to take the time to read on. 

Meet Pomeroy. His friends and family call him ‘pom pom’ for short. Pomeroy hates his nickname and would prefer to be called by his real name: Pomeroy Paulus Jr III. Like any boy his 

age he’s busy trying to impress ‘the birds’, namely one bird: Pia. Pomeroy dreams of a pair of orange swim trunks; the ones that Pete, Pucker and Piper own. The same ones Pia said she loved. There’s just one little hiccup. The antAmart doesn’t carry his size.  

I dedicate today to the power of asking. I’ve made myself vulnerable as I lean into all of you hoping you’ll embrace my vision. 
Like other crowdfunders before me I refuse to listen to the voices in my head screaming ‘get a job’ and ‘stop begging’. 
Instead I continue to choose to put my dreams out there because that’s the only way I know to make a difference. The fact that in just 5 days 73 of you have stood beside me and traded your money for my dream, making it our dream, is more than I could ever hope for. 
Your support not only embraces a lonely dreamer but it makes me believe when Amanda (mother of the ‘power of asking’ on TED) says: “when we really see each other, we want to help each other”.

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