Tasting Plates – Gastown Edition a review

Thanks to the Vancouver Foodster Gastown event I have a few new favourite spots. Sign in was at Catch 122 located at 122 W. Hastings, and what a great place to start. This restaurant was beautiful and so was it’s food. The pressed confit pork shoulder they served may have been the tastiest thing I’ve eaten all week. They also had a tortellini with soubise sauce and a creme brulee. The tortellini was not really cup of tea but the dessert was delicious, I’ve never had a lavender meringue and mint creme brulee before but I would love to have it again.

But for me the star of the show had to be the Salt Tasting Room. I’d never been to an establishment quite like this and located off the beaten path, sporting an almost eerie entrance in Blood Alley. If it wasn’t for the Foodster event I probably would have never found this place. At Salt Tasting Room the wine is the focal point. Upon entering, the space seems small, with only a few tables, but hidden just beyond the front counter is a door which leads down to a wine cellar with a 30 seat communal table. With your wine tasting you can snack on fine meats, cheeses, breads and homemade condiments.

Another similar establishment stood out as well, The Bitter Tasting Room. So unique from the layout to what the waitresses were wearing. It was so refreshing to see them pouring soda from cans into patron’s highballs opposed to fountain pop. They served pulled pork tacos with coleslaw and aioli.

The Burgundy Restaurant was incredibly prepared for this event and was the most efficient in my opinion. Near the front they were handing out skewers of fruit and bread with goat cheese fondue drizzled on top, this was by far the best cheese fondue I have ever had. Towards the back they had a bar with canning jars holding beef bourguignon for easy self serve access. The meat was cooked wonderfully. I chose the orange sorbet over the chocolate mousse for dessert. The food was all very good but I was left a little puzzled by the layout of Burgundy Restaurant, as it just seemed to be a small narrow room with a bar towards the back, the bathrooms, stairs which led to the staff area and what I had to assume was the kitchen, and to the right a bench against the wall. There were no tables in site and I’m left wondering if they had only removed them for the event.

The Irish Heather boasted a 40 person communal table, which proved to be a very interesting atmosphere, especially on such a busy night. For Foodster Tasting Plates they had prepared a steak and ale stew on mashed potatoes and they were handing out very generous portions. If this was any indication of their regular serving size you will definitely get your moneys worth here.

Gastown is my favourite area in the city and I am so excited to have participated in the Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates Gastown Edition and to have been introduced to a handful of spectacular establishments I may have not come across or tried out otherwise.

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