A late dinner at Cactus Club

A friend from Ottawa was in town for a meeting, so we met downtown at his hotel and went for a walk along English Bay to Third Beach in Stanley Park.  Then we headed back via Lost Lagoon and Robson Street.  We were debating where to eat and passed by Earl’s and Milestones looking for something a little different.  He wasn’t familiar with the Cactus Club, so we decided to give it try.

Butternut ravioli


As it was later on a Monday night, it wasn’t too busy.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  We had the tuna tataki and calamari for starters.  The seared albacore tuna was done to perfection and the bed of papaya slaw and pine nuts, dressed with a favourful vinaigrette complimented it nicely.  The calamari was impressive; both in the amount served and that they include deep fried peppers and jalapenos with it.  In addition to the traditional tzatziki sauce, they served a chipotle aioli.


Thai red curry cod

Starters finished, we dug in to the main courses.  Butternut squash ravioli with prawns for my friend and Thai red curry lingcod served with coconut almond rice for me.  He raved about the ravioli and I was very pleased with my choice.  The fish was done to perfection and the cilantro garnish really complimented the curry.  A little Spanish cava was the perfect accompaniment to both meals.  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a meal at Cactus Club as much.

Thanks for sharing Sam, an evening spent with friends is time well spent. Editor

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