Summer Social Media Slow Down


As the warm, sunny weather of summer approaches, everyone is scattering from their homeland to go on holidays, take a beach vacation and just get some overall R&R.

So where are we going with this? You’ll notice that people switch into vacation mode, which could mean fewer eyes on social media, less attention on the details and longer engagement tactics. So what can you do to pick it up?

1. Study Up!

With your audience on vacation, this time of year is a great opportunity to brush up on identifying and analyzing your key ‘customers’ – the people you want to be viewing your posts. Look at your past posts and find out which topics had the best engagement.

2. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Reduce your content creation and recycle some of your most popular content to see if it gets the same level of engagement. Of course, don’t post the exact same post – but here’s your opportunity to switch the language around to see if it gets the same response! People often miss posts the first time around so repeating it is necessary.

3. Have Longer, Meaningful Conversations.

Especially if your business is a ski resort, not many eyes are going to be on your social channels. Be relatable by talking about summer activities, but tie it back to your company’s products and services (some people do look forward to the winter weather) – so that when winter rolls around, you’re still top of mind.

4. Try A New Social Media Platform.

If you’re just on Facebook and Twitter and haven’t tackled Instagram yet, summer is a great time to start! When people are in summer mode, they want quick digestible information. People are constantly posting pictures of themselves at the beach, traveling the world and having a cocktail on the patio. Use summer-related images and hashtags for the best engagement, such as #summer #travel #nofilter #beach #sun #sunset

5. Summer Selfies are Warranted.

No one wants to be in an office all day for the summer. Whether you’re an individual or a company on social media, use this opportunity to be active in your community. There are a lot of summer festivals, events and the like. People love seeing behind-the-scenes footage and it gives you a touch of personality. Heck, get the whole office (or what’s left of the office staff) engaged in posting and tagging pictures of summer office activities.


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