Marwick Marketing co-hosts Google Partners Digital Breakfast

On Tuesday July 28th Marwick Marketing co-hosted a Google Partners morning event held at The Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver. With about 30 attendees, this free event with complimentary breakfast was a great opportunity to learn from Google experts about how to grow your business and also deepen your understanding of Digital marketing.

Starting off the event, Fab Dolan from Google walked the audience through interesting content within his presentation “The Hilltop: Branding in the Digital Age”  and pointed out some current and upcoming trends in the online space. “The Internet is the world’s largest focus group and it can help with concept development, campaign development, market trend analysis, campaign measurement and brand tracking”, he argued. He also mentioned that we live as part of a “Golden Age” of Digital Marketing and there are 4 capabilities: Obtaining real insights in real time, targeting messages to the right audiences, focusing on immersive storytelling, and having access to meaningful metrics. It was interesting to learn that despite the messages consumers are presented with through multiple forms of mediums, people still have a choice in which brands/companies they become associate themselves with. As marketers and business owners, Dolan explains that after you know who your customers are and how to locate them, you can engage in immersive storytelling to capture their interest. “Unlike other forms of advertising like radio or TV, with the web, there are no restrictions on time,” and brands can “focus on creating deeper levels of engagement,” he points out.


The end of the first half of the event was marked by Dolan accepting one-on-one questions from audience members and opportunities to network. The second half of the event was covered by Christian Thomson, an Online Marketing Consultant of Marwick Marketing who specializes in social and online marketing and branding. He briefly explained the role of Marwick Marketing and discussed the key points within his presentation”Cycle of Internet Marketing”. The end of the event included more networking and opportunities for one-on-one Q & A sessions with the speakers. Overall, this was a highly valuable event to attend for anyone interested in learning about the role individuals and businesses play in the journey of Digital Marketing.

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