MOE’S Home Collection – Autumn


Silly kids, Halloween is for adults too! With everyone’s favourite spooky celebration skulking in the shadows just past the turn of autumn, MOE’S Home Collection is gearing up for a ghoulishly good time with eerie (and age-appropriate) home accessories. Forget sickly sweets, tacky trimmings and throwaway decorations, this year is all about hosting a high-style Halloween soirée for the “18 and overs.”


moes halloween


1.Seo Glass Vase Medium Dark Amber, $45

2.Allium Daisy Single Stem Black, $6.95

3.Greenwich Pillow, $14.95 (reg. $38.95)

4.Walking Lion Black, $115

5.Director Table Lamp, $209

6.Circ Party Bowl Small Sweets, $9

7.Black Flower Pillow, $14.95 (reg. $38.95)

8.Bull Head 1, $465

9.Circ Party Bowl Large Popcorn, $29

10.Pumpkin Orange, $139


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