It’s not a gimmick, it’s good wine @RonWilsonVan

The first time I saw a bottle of Norma Jeane Merlot on a wine store shelf I walked right by. I’d never thought of screen icon Marilyn Monroe as a symbol of a good wine. Apparently I was wrong. Turns out Norma Jeane wines have turned into a cult classic and this merlot sells out each year. So at a recent tasting I thought it was time to put aside my presumption and give it a try. Colour me impressed. This is a deep and rich merlot from Napa which tasted of raspberries and cassis and a touch of pepper. Another reason I liked this wine so much was that it was good from start to finish. To me that’s always a sign of a good winemaker. As I mentioned this wine has earned a strong following and it can be hard to find. So check with the B.C. Liquor store closest to you and get them to track it down. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Price: $24.00

Available: B.C. Liquor stores


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