Wine Review @RonWilsonVan Refreshing and Reliable


It’s Friday and I have the original no-brainer wine pick for the weekend. Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse has been a favorite of mine for years. I just tasted the 2012 vintage and it delivers the goods once again. This is a complex blend of almost every white varietal grown in B.C. From pinot gris to to gewürztraminer and each grape adds something to the final taste. Its refreshing and crisp and full of flavour. Its one of the reasons I love white blends from our home province. I’d recommend this with dishes as diverse as pork tenderloin to spicy Asian or light curries. If you’re a member of a book club or hosting a casual get together with friends, this is a can’t miss wine for every occasion.

Price: $18.00

Available: B.C. Liquor Stores or Swirl Wines in Yaletown and White Rock

Price: $21.00

Available: Legacy Liquor at the Olympic Village


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