Ted Baker Audio breaks into North America Exclusively through Experience Headphones

Experience Headphones, the first fashion-oriented headphone retailer in the world, is leading the charge in bringing high-end designer headphone brands into the North American market. The company is constantly seeking partnerships with brands that are at the cutting edge of fashion and technology. As such, Experience Headphones is proud to be the first company in North America to introduce the recently released Ted Baker Audio collection.


“Ever since luxury headphones broke into the market, designers have been collaborating with headphone brands to create limited edition products,” said Dean Horsfield, Founder and CEO of Experience Headphones. “Ted Baker is the first to design his own line of headphones from the bottom up. Believe me when I tell you, they look and sound amazing.”


Designer Ted Baker has used his eye for detail and ear for precision to create genuinely elegant visual and audio experience. The Rockall over ear headphones are crafted with brushed stainless steel and deluxe soft leather, along with exceptional hi-fi sound quality and rich bass. The Dover in-ear headphones are elegantly subtle, while offering a completely immersive sound experience.

“Now more than ever, fashion and technology are fusing to create products that fit both purpose and lifestyle. Designers have a long history of taking products that are otherwise a modern necessity and turning them into must-have fashion accessories,” said Horsfield. “The watch and sunglass industry are two really great examples of this. Headphones are simply the next evolution.”

To view the entire collection of Ted Baker Audio available at Experience Headphones please visit: http://bit.ly/1vFP8Ea.


About Experience Headphones

Experience Headphones is the first specialty headphone retailer in the world to focus on fashion forward products. The company is home to over 15 designer brands of headphones, with more being added monthly. Experience is the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to try a range of luxury headphones, to test for look, sound and feel. A 365 days return, exchange and warranty policy ensures customers feel confident and secure in each and every purchase.

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