Get The Goods: Van Gogh Designs launches new line of furnishings


Get The Goods:

Van Gogh Designs launches new line of modern home furnishings and accessories 

Smart, timeless collection offers pieces for living and dining in style

There’s a new kid in town! Meet The Goods, the new contemporary line of home furnishings and accessories from Van Gogh Designs. Best known as Western Canada’s leading local furniture designer and manufacturer, The Goods represents the brand’s first foray into wholesale cased goods. With carefully selected pieces from all over the world that comfortably align with the great style, quality and pricing Van Gogh Designs is known for, The Goods is the cool younger sibling you always wanted.

“We are so thrilled to introduce The Goods,” said Jeet Dhindsa, owner of Van Gogh Designs. “Our goal was to create a sister line that complements Van Gogh’s locally designed, locally made furnishings with top-quality pieces curated from around the globe. Our designers have selected an incredible mix of pieces that speak to a wide variety of styles and tastes.”

Ranging in style from rustic to industrial, mid-century modern to contemporary, The Goods offers a full line-up of key pieces for living and dining in style, including chairs and stools, benches, sideboards, rugs, dining, coffee and end tables, dressers and nightstands.


Rustic Rules

Industrial Edge

Mid-century Mix

For the Floor

Contemporary Cool


“At Van Gogh, we truly believe that home is where the heart is,” added Dhindsa. “We’re confident that The Goods will resonate with our customers, and we look forward to growing the line with quality pieces that bring each home a little closer to heart.”

The Goods can be purchased at retailers across Canada and the US. For more information, visit

About Van Gogh Designs: Van Gogh Designs has been a leading manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Canada and the Western United States for over 20 years. BC born and bred, Van Gogh Designs is proud of its roots offering locally designed and locally made furniture. By combining expertise in interior design, fabrics, upholstery and lumber, Van Gogh maintains the highest standards of style and product. Complete with a knowledgeable trendsetting team that considers how each product fits into our customers’ homes and designers that marry style and comfort, Van Gogh maintains the highest standards of style and product. All products are manufactured at the Van Gogh facilities in British Columbia, featuring recycling programs and frames built from FSC certified wood.


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