Wine Wednesday – Ron Wilson

With almost three hundred wineries in B.C. it can be hard to keep up. Thanks to the kindness of friends, new and old, that job is a little easier. Even more exciting is getting a wine to try and finding a new addition for Eau Vivre Riesling happens to be a gold medal winner from the recent B.C. Wine Awards. This is a lush, deep Riesling with great finish. I liked the touch of sweetness because I wanted to pair the wine with a spicy butter chicken dish. It was a great match. I think the Eau Vivre got my attention because it has a unique flavour compared to other B.C. Rieslings. I would recommend drinking this Riesling when you want a medium bodied white that can stand on its own. This is also the first wine from the Similkameen valley added to my website but I hope to expand my knowledge of wines from that part of our province. Just a quick reminder that award winning wines sell out quickly so grab this wine while you can.

Price: $20.00

Available: Swirl Wines in White Rock

Price: $25.00

Available: Legacy Liquor


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