Wine Wednesday

One of the best things about writing about wines is the people you meet… makers, retail staff, other writers and just, plain wine lovers. That’s often where I get my best tips and recommendations for wines priced in the $25 and under range. So today’s Wine Wednesday pick comes with a big thank you to Barret Pearson from Sutton Place Wine Merchants. I’ve been a fan of the wines from the Puglia region of Italy for a year now so when I was looking for something new I asked Barret for his opinion and he said YES! I was really impressed with this Tormaresca NePriCa. A blend of Negroamaro, Primitivo and Cabernet and what a blend for this price. Its a lush, medium bodied wine with flavours of dark berries, chocolate and a hint of licorice. This is a solid value and a versatile food wine that would work with everything from roast chicken to hamburgers.

Available: Sutton Place Wine Merchants on Burrard Street

Price: $18.00

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