Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court Wants to Change the World of Unhealthy Fast Food, Opens at Park Royal Mall Shopping CentreToday


Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court wants to change the world of unhealthy fast food. This new food court restaurant at Park Royal Shopping Center offers healthy and affordable pizzas, salads and soups made with fresh, organic, natural and locally sourced ingredients.  

“We don’t believe fast food has to be bad for your health,” says owner Suzanne Fielden, who is on a mission to bring healthy food to food courts in Canada.

“We believe food court customers would love a fast food option which is both nutritious and delicious.”

The Heart & Stroke Foundation recommends that Canadians eat a healthy, balanced diet consisting of a variety of natural/whole and minimally processed foods. That means avoiding the unhealthy, highly processed foods – loaded with saturated fat, calories, sodium, sugar and trans fats – that are often found in food courts.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court will use 100% organic local flours, local veggies, all natural local meats and 100% Canadian cheese in their pizzas, salads and soups.

The menu is GMO free, corn free, hormone free, soy free and preservative free and will include minimal use of sugars, salts and trans fats. Gluten free is available upon request.

“Everything is be created fresh with freshly tossed salads, house made soups and flatbread pizzas.  We promise to stone bake our pizzas in 290 seconds – less than 5 minutes!” adds Fielden.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court debuts on Friday, October 30 in the new food court at Park Royal South Shopping Centre in West Vancouver and is open during mall hours.

This is the second food court location for Rocky Mountain Flatbread which recently opened Rocky Mountain Flatbread Express in Banff.

About Rocky Mountain Flatbread
Rocky Mountain Flatbread takes pride in providing sustainably produced, local food that connects the farm, family and community. Visit our two Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant locations in Vancouver (Main Street & Kitsilano) or the original restaurant that started it all in Canmore, Alberta. Food court locations include Rocky Mountain Flatbread Express in Banff and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court in West Vancouver. For more information, visit

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