Local food lives in the heart of False Creek at Main St. Station


Dear Market Friends,

This time last year we surveyed you, our loyal fans and shoppers, about whether you would support a permanent, indoor/outdoor market space for Vancouver Farmers Markets in the city.

Amazingly, over 90% of respondents said they support the idea of a permanent home for the markets in addition to our seasonal, neighbourhood locations – and would be willing to sign a petition to that affect. Moreover, some of you voiced your support for the initiative with offers to volunteer, donate funds, attend public meetings, and help us spread the word about it on your networks.

Today, we’re hoping you’ll put this offer of support into action, by telling the City of Vancouver that you’d like to see a permanent, year-round market space for Vancouver Farmers Markets in False Creek Flats. This space would not only house an indoor/outdoor farmers market 1-3 days per week year-round, but could accommodate other types of food-based programming, community activities, and arts and cultural events.

City planners are currently gathering feedback on the draft plan for the future of False Creek Flats until February 8th. Unfortunately, Vancouver Farmers Markets is not currently named in the plan, despite operating a farmers market in the Flats at Main Street Station (Main & Terminal), for the past seven summers.

Like all of our market locations, Main Street runs on a temporary, seasonal permit, even though VFM serves 450,000 shoppers, supports the livelihoods of 250 small farms and producers, and provides fresh, local food to 180 low-income families in Vancouver each year.

Help us secure a home for the markets in False Creek Flats by completing this survey before Feb 8th, stating your support for a permanent, indoor/outdoor market space for Vancouver Farmers Markets near the Main & Terminal transit hub – a truly local food market that is open year-round, in close proximity to transit and bike/walk paths, and accessible to all Vancouverites.

With your help, we can make a permanent home for local food a reality. Thanks for your continued support of the markets!
Photo credit: Deirdre Fang

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