George Littlechild’s “Warrior” Exhibit at Kimoto Gallery until April 29

George Littlechild’s “Warrior” Exhibit at Kimoto Gallery until April 29


Aboriginal artist George Littlechild’s stunning new exhibit, “Warriors” opened last weekend at the Kimoto Gallery with a huge crowd of family, friends and art lovers in attendance. Breathtakingly vibrant images fill the walls, each painted in rich, joyful colours which elicit a visceral response from the viewer. Every one of the warriors has so much depth and complexity that it is difficult to leave one painting and move on to enjoy the next.

“Wall Street Warrior”

These are warriors with a modern purpose, each engaging in a battle to improve life on earth for all of us. The works, including “Warrior of Love and Compassion”, “Warrior Woman”, “Modern Warrior Imparts the Sacred and Meshes Modern Technology Into His Existence” and “Wall Street Warrior”, speak so strongly that the viewer becomes motivated to join in the fight as well.

“Warrior Woman”

The artist’s statement enhances our understanding of his intent:

“This exhibition offers visual beauty, strength & fortitude, as seen in the ten Warriors in this exhibition. Each Warrior represents different world views/issues that they have chosen to battle/take a stance on, in order to create “Change” on Mother Earth. The Titles of the artworks shed light on each of the Warrior’s passions/plights: “Warrior of Compassion”, “Warrior of the Homeless” (who offers homes to those in need) & “Wall Street Warrior”, as examples. These paintings also exemplify the idea & notion of the “Super Hero” each honing their special power, powers to make a difference in the world.”

-George Littlechild

Artist George Littlechild with some friends and family


The exhibit runs from April 8 – 29 at the Kimoto Gallery; 1525 W. 6th Avenue; Vancouver. Website:

Gallery owner Katsumi Kimoto and friend Lasha

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