Quini Joins Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network

Quini Joins Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network

Engagement Creates the Wine Industry’s First Integrated Sensory, Sales Measurement and Home Penetration Intelligence Platform for the US Market

Quini® (www.quiniwine.com), the leading wine sensory data and self-serve ready-to-use analytics solutions company, announced that it has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network in the United States.

Quini’s participation creates the first market research analytics tool that integrates sensory, attitudinal, and retail sales measurement for wine producers, retailers and distributors.

Through Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network, Nielsen’s point of sale data will be integrated with Quini’s proprietary sensory and attitudinal data to deliver unique analytics and insight, over the QUINI DATA™ platform. Through this data integration, wine industry professionals will be able to understand what happened and why, in an on-demand tool that is efficient and cost effective.

Companies today spend the majority of their time looking at what happened in the past. Quini’s consumer sensory and attitudinal feedback about wine, helps to answer the why behind a purchase or sentiment, which in the past, may have required weeks and tens of thousands of dollars in investments through traditional research such as surveys and focus groups.

“For players in the wine space, a solid view of consumption reinforced with real consumer sensory feedback is critical to accurate decision making,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s chief executive officer. “Quini and Nielsen data in a single platform is a major advance that gives both companies and our joint clients a unique new edge and understanding of the consumer. I am excited to work with Nielsen to uncover new opportunities through data, for the wine industry.”


Quini is the leader in near real-time wine sensory data and technology solutions. Privately held, Quini is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. The Quini project is co-funded by CMF (Canada Media Fund). More information can be accessed at www.quiniwine.com.

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Media release and images provided by Roger Noujeim, Quini.

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1 thought on “Quini Joins Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network”

  1. We are excited to see the wine industry benefit in three major ways:

    1- Everyone can now have the high caliber data sets (sensory, attitudinal and sales) needed for more accurate thinking and explosive growth, on-demand.
    2- Big and small companies are now on a level playing field.
    3- The cost of market research and the time needed to secure and analyze sensory consumer data has been collapsed from weeks and months to days, minutes and even seconds, and from tens of thousands of dollars for single research projects, to dimes on the dollar for continuous systematic data flow all year round.

    The stage is now set for the next level of growth for wine companies. Producers, distributors and retailers alike.

    The question now is, who is ready to do what these two phrases in a recent Forbes article suggest? “Innovative retailers do not define ROI in terms of optimizing processes. Instead, they look for projects that create opportunities to gather data – all kinds of data, including the expected and the unexpected.” and “…invest in new processes or technologies to see what they can learn – to collect the data, and then look for ROI, rather than the other way around.”

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