Good France #goodfrance Vancouver March 21st, 2019

Over 3,300 participating restaurants around the world will celebrate French gastronomy on March 21st 2019. Vancouver is part of it!

For the 5th consecutive year, France is organizing on March 21st 2019 #GOODFRANCE #GOUTDEFRANCE, a unique event across 5 continents, in over 150 countries, in over 3 300 restaurants, on the same night. All over the world, chefs will prepare a four-course French menu using seasonal and eco-friendly ingredients.

Goût de/Good France is the largest food festival celebrating the vitality of French gastronomy as an event that allows different cultures to interact with one another using a common language: French cuisine, unsurpassed in its universal value of sharing.

Last year, over 3,300 participating chefs around the world benefitted from this unique opportunity to receive exposure. In Vancouver, 9 restaurants participated; triple that of 2017, showing the appeal for the event.

Good France 2018 in Vancouver

From 3 participating restaurants in Vancouver in 2017, it is with great pleasure we had 9 restaurants in 2018 :

  1. Le Crocodile (Facebook page) Chef Michel Jacob
  2. Jules Bistro (Facebook page) Chef Emmanuel Joinville
  3. Tableau Bar Bistro (Facebook page)
  4. Provence Marinaside (Facebook page) Chef Jean-Francis Quaglia
  5. Bistro 41 (Website) Chef Frederic Biesen
  6. Bistro Pastis (Facebook page) Chef Ken Konkle
  7. Linh Café (Facebook page) Chef Tai Luong Nguyen
  8. La Brass (Facebook page)  Chef Rajbir Aujlay
  9. The French Table (Facebook page) Chef Nik Nosko

Participating restaurants have been selected after designing their menu based on the following sequence: aperitif and canapés, starter, main course(s), cheese, dessert(s), French wines and champagnes. For restaurateurs,  Good France is the chance to belong to an international label liaising casual and bistro Chefs to Michelin star Chefs, all in the name of the “cuisine à la française”.

More information on France’s culinary tradition, “the art of eating well” :

The “gastronomic meal of the French” is now inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. With French cuisine, the food is the epicenter but still not without the whole experience. All senses should be looked after – smell, sound, sight and flavour.

Based on Auguste Escoffier’s “Dîners d’Epicure”, Good France was launched on the initiative of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in partnership with Chef Alain Ducasse to boost the visibility of French cuisine around the world. In 2017, over 2,100 restaurants participated which represented 250,000 meals and 8,000 guests in 156 embassies.

Giveaways and events around French gastronomy will be arranged the full week prior to March 21st. Details will be announced on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Good France official website :

Good France official Twitter account :

Good France Instagram :

Consulate of France Facebook page:

Consulate of France Twitter account:

Canadian restaurants wishing to participate must sign up at before February 15th 2019.

Media release and images provided by Gratianne Daum, Consulate General of France in Vancouver.

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