French food Canadian chefs gather with peers around the world to host the largest “dinner à la française” April 16

Across the 5 continents, a “dinner à la française” will be held in several thousand restaurants, in addition to France’s embassies and consulates, serving over 300,000 guests. Goût de/Good France 2020 will once again place sustainable gastronomy at the centre of this new edition.

Goût de France or Good France either way you say it Good Goût it was…

At Provence Marinaside it was titled Goût de France and you were transported via a culinary journey directly to France. The restaurant was filled with happy diners excited to partake in this celebration of #GoodFrance #GoûtdeFrance.

Tableau Bar Bistro Releases #GoodFrance Menu

Tableau Bar Bistro Releases #GoodFrance Menu West End restaurant celebrates French gastronomy with a five-course tasting menu of Gallic classics on Thursday, March 21st Award-winning French restaurant Tableau Bar Bistro has announced its menu for the fifth annual #GoodFrance #GoutFrance international culinary festival. On Thursday, March 21, the West End restaurant will join 3,300 bistros, fine diners, … Read more

Good France #goodfrance Vancouver March 21st, 2019

For the 5th consecutive year, France is organizing on March 21st 2019 #GOODFRANCE #GOUTDEFRANCE, a unique event across 5 continents, in over 150 countries, in over 3 300 restaurants, on the same night.

Le Crocodile pulls out all the stops for #GoodFrance

  Le Crocodile participated in Good France on March 21st, 2017 this year and I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to meet with Chef Michel Jacob, owner of the world renowned French restaurant.  I waited at a beautiful long bar.  The staff were incredibly friendly and efficient, asking if I had been taken … Read more

Chefs Shine at #GoodFrance 2017

Chefs whose love of food dates back to their childhood brought their unique styles and passion for French cuisine to this year’s #GoodFrance global event on March 21. Chefs from more than 2000 restaurants in five continents prepared a multi-course dinner that paid homage to French cuisine. In Vancouver, Bistro Pastis, Le Crocodile and Save-On … Read more

Bistro Pastis Chef Mike Mikoda Embraces Classical French Cuisine for #GoodFrance March 21

Chef Mike Mikoda is still relatively new at the helm over at Bistro Pastis, but his love of classical French cuisine has inspired him throughout his 15 year career. And he’s excited to have the opportunity to showcase his interpretation of time-honoured dishes at the third Annual #GoodFrance event on March 21. “I appreciate the ingredients, … Read more

France invites you to its table in Vancouver: March 21st 2017 #GoodFrance

  For the third consecutive year, over 2000 restaurants in 150 countries will participate in the Goût de/Good France event to celebrate French gastronomy. This event, orchestrated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and chef Alain Ducasse, is inspired by Auguste Escoffier, who launched the “Dîners d’Épicure” (Epicurean Dinners) initiative in … Read more

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