Quini Launches Industry-First Wine Intelligence Data Platform

QUINI DATA™ Enables Wine Producers and Retailers to Maintain Deeper Understanding of Customers, Improve and Accelerate Decision Making, and Reduce Research Costs


Quini® announces QUINI DATA™, the industry’s first self-serve consumer sensory and attitude data, and analytics wine intelligence solution for wineries and wine retailers.

Easy to deploy and use, the ground-breaking solution empowers wine marketing and consumer insights teams with pre-built, ready-to-use data and analytics dashboards to help answer critical business questions more accurately, on-demand.

QUINI DATA™ users gain access to near real-time local wine consumer data including sensory feedback and attitudinal insight, year-round. The platform helps to facilitate more informed, profitable decisions without the high cost and delays of traditional market research.

Deep, rich analysis of products, brands, categories, flavour and drinker profiles, as well as geographic markets, allows users to efficiently spot risks, understand key sales drivers and detractors, predict market potential, and identify more profitable market and product opportunities early.

“We built QUINI DATA™ to support the growing generation of wine organizations and professionals who are looking to operate and promote a fact-based, consumer oriented decision making culture,” said Roger Noujeim, Quini’s chief executive officer. “We’re enabling brands to get answers to questions that hindsight sales data, general star ratings and consumer reviews on social media do not answer, on-demand. To stay tuned-in to their markets and close to their customers year-round, more cost efficiently and with ease.”

Added Noujeim: “QUINI DATA™ ushers a new era of market and customer understanding, with proprietary data and tools that help companies to better predict success and minimize or avoid business risk. Including decisions related to product, production and strategic investments.”

QUINI DATA™ is also used to drive more successful Direct To Consumer (DTC) programs. The platform gives teams visibility into individual customer tasting preferences, helping to personalize promotions, drive loyalty and increase sales.

Technical Specifications

  • Self-serve, cloud-based system.
  • Deployable within a standard, governed and secure environment. An on-demand utility that can help to drive high returns early, with minimal training and without the risks and high cost of end user data manipulation or extensive time spent on learning and creating data visualizations.
  • Integrates three software modules:
    QUINI ANALYTICS™ – Distributed, customizable, branded dashboard with pre-built, ready-to-use analytics.
    QUINI SOMM™ – Proprietary, mobile wine tasting list and event management system. (video)
    QUINI APP™ – Proprietary, visual sensory and attitudinal wine tasting and rating web-based responsive application for connected mobile and desktop devices of virtually any size. (video)

Availability and Pricing

  • QUINI DATA™ is now available as an annual subscription in two or five user package options. More users can be added as needed. One-time custom reports are also offered.
  • Annual subscription packages start at $11,940.
  • Historical data is provided on a per city or metro area basis, with optional, running near real-time data offered for an additional annual fee.
  • One-time custom reports are offered starting at $250. Option available for targeted data gathering on-demand, for an additional fee.
  • A white label Private Data Network (QUINI PDN™) option is available upon request.

Training and Support

  • Training and year-round technical support, as well as software upgrades are included. Additional training is available upon request, for a fee.

For more details and to book a product demonstration, please contact our sales team at sales@nullquiniwine.com.

Media release and images provided by Roger Noujiem, Quini Wine.

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