Quini and Enolytics Collaborate on Presentation at Wine and Analytics Symposia

Uncorking Analytics: Moving The Wine Industry Towards Data-Driven Decisions

It’s been said that data scientists have “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Which is all well and good, but what does that mean for wine?

That intersection — of data and wine — is exactly where companies like Quini and Enolytics come in.

Enolytics’ CEO Cathy Huyghe will be presenting at the BC Wine Insight Conference on March 12, at Penticton Lakeside Resort, in Penticton, BC.

The presentation, One Region, Multiple Data Sources, Millions of Consumers: How to Make Sense of Big Data for BC Wine, will provide insight specific to the BC wine community.

Using Huyghe’s experience as a journalist for Inc. and Forbes, and as CEO of Enolytics, which provides big data services to the wine industry, Huyghe will drive the audience through different layers of data applied to BC wine.

The talk will start with the traditional role of journalism and how data analysis is used to tell the story of BC wine. Huyghe will then expand out to Enolytics’ ecosystem of data partners, homing in on two local partners, Quini and the Global Wine Database.

Huyghe will use Quini data and analytics reflecting BC wine consumer opinion of several BC and US wines, to showcase a new kind of empowering data now easily accessible to the wine executive.

Huyghe will also discuss social media and how everyday consumers today engage around BC wine.

In an unusual move, thanks to outside-the-box thinking by event organizers, both companies will also be featured at the 2019 Analytics Symposium conference to be held at the Portland Historical Landmark & Hotel on March 12 and 13 in Portland, OR.

Huyghe will present the overall concept of data science and how it applies to the wine industry, with Quini’s near real-time consumer sensory data and analytics highlighting the new generation of information and insights accessible to the industry today.

Quini’s five step visual wine tasting and rating application will also be “on display” for the audience to follow along and rate wines during the wine tasting part of the session.


Media release provided by Roger Nyugen, Quini.


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