The Hendrick’s Gin 65-foot E.L.E.V.A.T.U.M. hot air balloon and C.O.R.G.A.N. create an unusual and whimsical spectacle of soar and score at the world’s largest jazz festival.


Curators of the Curious, we call upon thee!  The astounding spectacle that is the Hendrick’s Gin E.L.E.V.A.T.U.M. reappears this June at the 40th edition of the International Festival de Jazz de Montreal, inviting the Curious to foray into the wonderfully unusual world of Hendrick’s Gin.

Opening its portal of peculiarity for a finite duet of delightful days, the 65-foot Elevating, Levitating, Exceptionally, Voluminous, Amazingly, Towering, Uplifting, Mobile that is the Hendrick’s Gin E.L.E.V.A.T.U.M. shall make its appearance Thursday, June 27th and Friday, June 28th, opening the world’s largest jazz festival with its pomp and peculiarity.

“We are positively delighted to return for a second year and share our world of whimsy at the 40th anniversary of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal,” comments Jessica Mieczkowska, Canadian Brand Manager, Hendrick’s Gin.  “Hendrick’s Gin E.L.E.V.A.T.U.M. aims to elevate the jazz festival’s auditory experience with an enchanting symphony of ocular wonderment marrying sound with spectacle, jazz with gin, and soar with score.”

Elevating the skies at the astonishingly peculiar height of 44 ¼ cucumbers (tethered at 44 ¼ feet), E.L.E.V.A.T.U.M. will take guests bearing the glorious gift of golden tickets on a magical journey skywards, sharing a peculiar bird’s-eye view of the festival often reserved only for our feathered friends in flight.

For those golden ticket holders enjoying the oddities of the unusual on the streets of Montreal whilst waiting for their flights to depart, the Hendrick’s Gin Air Departure Lounge will feature sumptuous fare and celebration, including Hendrick’s Gin teeny-tiny martinis and mini teacup gin and tonics for those of legal drinking age.

The surprise and delight shall not end there for golden ticket guests however!  Voyaging in from the East is renowned intuitive specialist Terri-Lynn Decker, who shall conduct one-on-one energy readings for those in the Hendrick’s Gin Air Departure Lounge.

Voyaging in from the West is the worldly Hendrick’s Gin Theremin (also known in peculiar circles as the There-gin) on which thereminist Theadora Feu Follet shall provide sonnets of sound in the lounge while not placing even a hand on a physical instrument.

Voyaging in from the Southern parts of the unknown shall be the C.O.R.G.A.N. (Cucumber Organ of Remarkably Glorious Auditory Nirvana), a one-of-a-kind musical organ which consists of real, whole cucumber keys that create a distinctive jazz tone when touched.   Combined, this travelling trinity of eccentricities shall create an unusual experience for golden ticket guests on ground as Hendrick’s Gin delights their senses while they wait to journey skywards.

Curators of the Curious have a chance to win the rare and coveted golden tickets by a variety of unusual methods including an online local contest (for residents of Quebec from May 16th to June 16th) as well as onsite at the Hendrick’s Gin Air Departure Lounge on Thursday, June 27thand Friday, June 28th, 2019.  No purchase is necessary and entrants must be of legal drinking age in Quebec.

“Golden tickets are a rare and special gift that are bestowed only on a lucky few,” adds Alvin P. Ramchurn, Canadian Brand Ambassador, Hendrick’s Gin. “We look forward to entertaining, enchanting, surprising and delighting even more of the global audience that attends the jazz festival annually.”

The Hendrick’s E.L.E.VA.T.U.M. will be tethered in downtown Montreal during the 2019 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal on Thursday, June 27th and Friday, June 28th, 2019.  Flights will take place in the evenings from 6:00 p.m. to midnight (based on wind patterns) and all guests bearing a golden ticket will have the opportunity to ride.

For more information regarding the Hendrick’s Gin Quebec Contest, and to enter for a chance to win, please visit

For more information regarding the Hendrick’s Gin E.L.E.V.A.T.U.M or Hendrick’s Gin in Canada, please visit the online press room at

To learn more about the whimsical world of Hendrick’s Gin globally, please visit


Ranked as the world’s largest jazz festival by Guinness World Records, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal has been synonymous with musical passion for 40 years. As every year for four decades, North America’s francophone metropolis becomes, for 10 days and nights, the official rendez vous point for fans of all genres of jazz related music, on a unique site, open from noon to midnight, in the heart of a downtown core closed to automobile traffic. Once you step onto the site, you understand that Montreal is the beating heart of Planet Jazz! And for the 40 years of the Festival, this edition promises to be exceptional!

Media release, image and video provided by Meg Sethi,  Alchemysts Inc.

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