A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. will take its maiden flight above the Vancouver Art Gallery, giving Golden Ticket guests the opportunity to fly at an elevation of 44 ¼ cucumbers above one of Vancouver’s most iconic locations.

Hendrick’s Gin will elevate the glorious bursts of brilliance of the Honda Celebration of Light, as it awes audiences by debuting A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R., its 65-foot hot air balloon from its peculiar family of elevating, voyaging, towering, ascending mobiles!

A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. (affectionately known by the curious crowd as the Amazing, Whimsical, Enchanting, Voyaging, Astounding, Nocturnal, Ascending, Interstellar, Roamer) is a towering hot air balloon adorned in cucumbers and roses, that will gather groups of four to curiously cruise at an altitude of 44 ¼ cucumbers into the skies of Vancouver.

Voyaging above the steps of the iconic Vancouver Art Gallery, one of North America’s most respected and innovative visual arts institutions, A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R.’s inaugural flight marks the first time the Honda Celebration of Light extends its festivities from English Bay to the streets of Downtown Vancouver.

“Hendrick’s is a gin that cultivates the unusual,” comments Jessica Mieczkowska, Canadian Brand Manager, Hendrick’s Gin. “Debuting A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. at the inaugural Honda Celebration of Light Downtown, allows the over 1.3 million attendees of the festival, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to delight in the whimsical world of Hendrick’s Gin.”

For a delectable duet of days, August 2nd and 3rd, the Hendrick’s Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. will give Golden Ticket guests the opportunity to soar the celestial sphere for a voyeuristic view often only reserved for those venturing sky bound.

For those Golden Ticket guests waiting forbearingly to fly, the Hendrick’s Gin Air Departure Lounge shall set down on the steps of the grand gallery, curiously carrying guests into the Portal of Peculiarity where they shall imbibe in libations that include the world’s smallest Hendrick’s teacup gin and tonics, garnished ever so delicately with the world’s most curiously odd cucumbers.

The magical world of whimsy that is Hendrick’s Gin shall not conclude there!  Renowned Intuitive Specialist Terri-Lynn Decker travels from the coasts of the East to give Golden Ticket guests the opportunity to glimpse into their past, present and future.

As guests delight in the spectacular sight of a wall adorned with one of the most delectable Hendrick’s Gin botanicals, the rose, sonnets of sound will enchant them as Theadora Feu Follet plays the Theremin, a most mysterious musical mechanism that produces sound without the touch of even a finger.

For the first-time in Vancouver history, Golden Ticket guests will be amazed by the wondrous auditory pleasure of the world’s only C.O.R.G.A.N. (Cucumber Organ of Remarkably Glorious Auditory Nirvana), a one-of-a-kind musical instrument which consists of 49 real, whole cucumber keys that create a cucumberous musical tone when touched.

“A Hendrick’s Gin soiree is always a spectacle of the unusual,” adds Alvin P. Ramchurn, National Brand Ambassador, Hendrick’s Gin. “We pride ourselves on being purveyors of the peculiar and A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. shall be no exception.  We look forward to astounding the curious crowd!”

The Hendrick’s A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. will be tethered at the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery during the 2019 Honda Celebration of Light on Friday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 3rd, 2019.  Flights will take place in the evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (based on wind patterns) and all guests bearing a Golden Ticket will have the opportunity to ride.  Golden Tickets will be available to the public via a series of contests including ballot entry at participating bars, entering online at www.hendricksgin.com/balloonBC or onsite at the Hendrick’s Gin Air Departure Lounge on August 2nd and 3rd.  Entrants must be residents of British Columbia and of legal drinking age to win and ride.  No purchase is necessary.

For more information regarding the Hendrick’s Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. or Hendrick’s Gin in Canada, please visit the online press room at hendricksgin.alchemystsinc.com.

To learn more about the whimsical world of Hendrick’s Gin globally, please visit www.hendricksgin.com.


Hendrick’s Gin is a deliciously super premium gin, made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious arrangement. Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s Gin is distilled in Scotland, in miniscule batches of only 500 litres at a time. Only Hendrick’s Gin is made with infusions of cucumber and rose petals, alongside a blend of 11 botanicals, producing a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma. Hendrick’s Gin is made in a combination of a Carter-Head and Bennett copper pot still, creating a divinely smooth gin with both character and balance of subtle flavours. 

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Media release and images provided by Meg Sethi, alchemysts inc. All images courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin.

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