The Horses Have Bolted But Don’t Let the Owls Fly the Coop! | The 2019 Golden Owl Awards


The Golden Owl Hospitality Awards return on Monday, November 18th, and the Deighton Cup has been nominated for Best Social Event of the Year! The Golden Owls humbly started as the Vancouver Nightlife Awards in 2004, and quickly became the most anticipated industry event in Vancouver. Evolved into the Golden Owl Awards in 2016, the GOA now offers the best of Vancouver’s hospitality industry. The awards are unique in bringing many of Vancouver’s hospitality owners, managers and staff together for an amazing evening.  

What would a year look like without the Deighton Cup? Having just celebrated our 11th annual it’s becoming more and more difficult to recall or imagine. The Deighton Cup puts style, fashion, and cultural excellence on the Vancouver social calendar each year. This year we celebrated the largest Deighton Cup ever and beauty was never in such abundance. Champagne, cigars, fashion, and fun were all out on show and as the horses raced under a radiant summer sun we look back fondly on what we celebrated together.

Vote below on the best of Vancouver’s nightlife and hospitality. You can find the Deighton Cup under “Best Social Event of the Year.” Get voting!


This year marks the 15th annual Golden Owl Awards and the Deighton Cup team will be attending in style. The Golden Owls are always a great time with Vancouver industry heavyweights and personalities coming together to celebrate the past year of inspiring work and connect with our passionate community.

For those looking to join the ceremonies enjoy the festivities we are excited to share a special Deighton Cup promotion to get you an insider rate on tickets. Use the following code on your tickets to the Golden Owl Awards:




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