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Best Dressed Tables
coffee table book

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During this time of enforced togetherness, Best Dressed Tables is an inspiration, full of beautiful tablescapes for all seasons and occasions.  Also included are selected recipes from Travelling Abroad, and Tips and Suggestions covering every aspect of table styling.

“Susan, your book is the perfect antidote for these anxious times, and has brought me a lot of pleasure already as it is amazing eye candy to raise the spirits during this grim time in history.  It is my considered opinion that not only are your table dressings exquisitely presented and creatively and whimsically imaginative, the stories are captivating for travelers and non-travelers alike. Well Done Susan”.

Annie Macara

“During this time of isolation, I took the time to browse through your Best Dressed Tables book.  Looking at all the beautiful pictures and gorgeous colours was such a calming thing to do and a great way to de-stress.  I also enjoyed all the personal notes with each picture, memories of your parents and growing up in the Bahamas.  Looking at the themed table settings made me feel like I was taking a trip to exotic locales – so nice to do now that we are unable to travel.

Thank you for this beautiful book.”

Sylvia Powell

Best Dressed Tables is available from Amazon, Chapters/Indigo on-line, or directly from Susan Hyatt, the Author, for personalized signed copies.

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