Canada’s newest seltzer is about to pop!

Canada’s newest seltzer is about to pop! Hint: it’s the perfect brunch beverage

Canada’s newest seltzer just popped: Vizzy Mimosa!


Made with real orange juice and available in four mimosa-inspired dual flavours – Pomegranate Orange, Pineapple Orange, Strawberry Orange and Peach Orange.

There’s a Vizzy Mimosa for every vibe. This iconic brunch beverage is guaranteed to help you bring that splash of extra and elevate any brunch occasion – perfect for patios, besties, and spilling tea.

Did you know according to Vizzy the first day of Spring is actually the first day of patio szn!

Unboring your brunch boards with all-new Vizzy Hard Seltzer Mimosas. It’s time to toast #VizzyGang ✨ Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer is here to play with mimosa inspired flavours that are bigger than brunch itself (if we do say so ourselves). Pairs incredibly well with brunch, besties.

Vizzy Mixer


With unique dual flavours that are newer, bigger and bolder than anything you’ve tried before, Vizzy isn’t just another hard seltzer. Did we just say bold? We did. And we mean it! Vizzy is hitting the shelves, which means thirsty Canadians can get their drink on while supporting a brand that stands for a bold and fun approach to positivity and good vibes. So go on, grab one of our four unique flavours – Pomegranate Orange, Pineapple Orange, Strawberry Orange and Peach Orange. –  and get ready for brunch time.


  • Vizzy is a hard seltzer made with superfruit Acerola Cherry. Each can has a light, refreshing carbonation and hint of fruit flavour.

  • There are four unique dual flavours available – Pineapple Mango, Blueberry Pomegranate, Black Cherry Lime and Strawberry Kiwi.

  • 5% ABV and 100 calories per 355ml.


About Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Vizzy is a Hard Seltzer that launched in Canada in 2021 – but it’s not just another Hard Seltzer. Vizzy brings positive vibes and ups the seltzer game by offering a variety of dual-flavoured hard seltzers – with superfruit Acerola Cherry in every sip! Vizzy tastes great directly out of the can! Vizzy Hard Seltzers have light refreshing carbonation and a hint of delicious fruit flavour, perfect for all your drink occasions.

Vizzy is available in 12 unique dual-flavour combinations: Pineapple Mango, Blueberry Pomegranate, Black Cherry Lime and Strawberry Kiwi, plus new fruit-forward flavours – Blackberry Lemon, Papaya Passionfruit, Raspberry Tangerine and Watermelon Strawberry! Plus the newest mimosa flavours – Pomegranate Orange, Pineapple Orange, Strawberry Orange and Peach Orange. Each 355ml can has 100 calories and 0 grams of sugar. Vizzy Hard Seltzer is readily available at select liquor stores across Canada in single cans and signature mix packs. Availability and flavour varieties may vary across Provinces and store locations.

“Vizzy is a brand built on being proud of what makes it different,” says Leslie Malcolm, Marketing Director for Vizzy Hard Seltzer, a unique entrant in the Canadian hard seltzer category boasting four dual-flavours and with acerola cherry in every can. “Helping to make someone feel seen for their whole self, differences and all, is true to our DNA and we look forward to making a long-term and positive impact to the vibrant LGBTQ+ community in Canada.”

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