L ³: Lindsay’s Lessons Learned – The Power of Visibility

Cinderella_CastleDo you recognize this building?

Chances are, you do. It’s Walt Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle and the tale of how it came to be is the reason behind everything we do at Jive.

Let us tell you a story about the power of visibility

In 1952, a man by the name of Walt Disney had a dream. He wanted to build a theme park that would inspire and delight people of all ages, races and regions. A place where anything was possible and magic was the norm. He set his plans in motion and started to enlist others to help build his vision. As most trailblazers do, he met a lot of doubters and encountered a lot of setback but his determination and passion was so strong he pushed through it all. When he finally secured the necessary land, permits and investors, he was ready to physically build what had been in his mind for so long. His first order of ‘business’ in building this new theme park was to construct what is now arguably the most photographed building in the world, Cinderella’s Castle.

The castle, with its tall magical spires and whimsical detail, became the focal point of the theme park and everything else was built around it.

 In essence, Walt Disney utilized the power of ‘visibility’ to build an iconic brand.

 At Jive, we share Walt Disney’s belief that visibility is essential to growing your business because if you want to be able to inspire millions of people, you need them to notice you first.

What are you doing to increase your visibility?

 Here are some steps to get you thinking about getting noticed:

 Does your brand tell a story?

People engage most when brands have an amazing story to tell. Think of when you were growing up – you were told bedtime stories, watched Disney movies and played make believe with friends. To this day, you still tell stories about what happened at work, on vacation, or on the weekend. It is easy to spread your brand’s message when it can be told as a story. People remember stories, not benefits and features!

 Do you need a slogan or tagline?

Not all brands need a slogan or tagline, but some may need to use a tagline to tie in your vision and core values. If your brand name does not immediately invoke thoughts of your product or service offering, then you might want to consider adding a slogan.

 Do you have a logo?

A logo is helpful for most, if not all, brands as it makes it easy to identify and differentiate your brand from another. It can be as simple as a different font face, like Disney’s, or a Nike swoosh.

Are you networking?

You need to stay top-of-mind with decision makers. By being visible at industry and local events you are showing the world that you relevant and ready for business. Study a few key tips on how to network effectively so you are maximizing your ‘visibility potential.’

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