The Meaning of “Creating Content”

As social media savvy users, we often feel pressured to create the perfect content. But what is the perfect content? That solely depends on the channel you’re using and your audience.

Creating content doesn’t have to be a lot of work – don’t think of it as a chore where you have to write a blog, or you have to create a newsletter. Find out first if your readers even like reading it by integrating trackable analytics.

Use Pictures

People love pictures and they get a lot more engagement than plain text. But don’t just filter and post a picture; extend that engagement by adding text or editing the photo. We like using PicMonkey as an alternative to buying Adobe Photoshop.


Share Info

Who says you have to reinvent the wheel? People love when you aren’t just tooting your own horn. You don’t have to be the be-all and end-all information resource. Pick topics that your audience is interested in whether it is food, local activities or motivational quotes.



Ask your audience or followers for feedback (especially if you’re a major brand). It’s the best for getting them excited. Caveat: make sure you avoid questions that will evoke negative feedback. Hearing crickets? Incentivize your audience with a contest using a small prize.

Capture3Remember, keep it simple. You don’t always have to stick with the same formula. Analyze your results and change it as necessary. There are no hard and fast rules.

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