BLISS: Permission for full self-expression


An event designed for people who want to enjoy an evening of live entertainment, support local artisans & craftsman, get healing in an alcohol/drug free environment.

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Event: BLISS

Time: 6:00-10:30pm

Location: Vital Health & Wellness Clinic, 1855 W.4th Street, Vancouver

Cost: $25



Thomas Beckman, Violinist:

Shine Kelly, Singer & acoustic guitar:

DJ Elementalryhthm, AKA Jordan Tal:



Richard’s Woody Products: hand crafted wooden bowls, canisters, and candlesticks.

Chains4change: jewellery and chains made from pop can tabs.

Crystal Matchmaker: activated crystals.

Vedic Academy of Science & Arts: Vedic deities, scarves, Jeffrey Armstrong books.



Adrian Armstrong: massage therapist, alignment, quantum touch, and psych-k.

Ashara: energy healing

Jacob Lamour: medical qigong

About BLISS:

Once a month event series designed for the conscious community as a platform for the flowering of arts and culture and expression of beauty.  Also as a great place for social engagement, connection and relaxation.


About Organizers:

The idea for BLISS came from Shine Kelly, a constant musician and organizer of musical events.  BLISS is a co-creation between Shine Kelly and Alice Zhou of Gracious Host Events & PR.  Shine acts as the musical director while Alice is in charge of logistics and business aspect of the event.

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