The LBD of Home Design: Luxe Hardwood Flooring

As the classic Little Black Dress serves as a key component in crafting a seriously sophisticated wardrobe, so too does luxe hardwood flooring lay the foundation for a truly stunning space. Frontier Luxury Flooring, Vancouver’s premier luxury flooring retailer, brings a high-fashion approach to flooring with its expertly curated selection of long length engineered, locally sourced organic hardwood, most notably Harmony Premium Engineered Hardwood Flooring.

Harmony sets itself apart from other standard, often-mundane hardwood brands in four distinct ways:


With 5.5″ x 8′ boards (up to five feet longer than the industry standard) manufactured using only hand-selected top-quality British Columbia hardwoods in premium clear grade, the Harmony line offers distinctive natural beauty while luxuriously extending a space.


Coated with a natural finish made from non-toxic natural plant oils and waxes, Harmony products emit virtually zero volatile organic compounds and no more formaldehyde than certain wood species, including pine, do naturally.


Manufactured using 10 layers of cross-multiplied hardwood veneer with moisture- and heat-resistant adhesives, Harmony’s cutting-edge engineering offers the ultimate stability and flexibility, even when applied over radiant heat sources.


Sourced from sustainably harvested British Columbia forests, Harmony products are manufactured using veneering technology that uses up to nine times less premium-grade lumber than conventional hardwood flooring.


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