Up your home’s style and value with Frontier Luxury Flooring

Looking to up the style and value of your for-sale home in one fell swoop? Approach home improvement from the bottom up with stylish, high-quality flooring options from Frontier Luxury Flooring that are sure to give your space a competitive edge in the housing market.

Whether opting for long-length engineered hardwood that works to elongate a room, or 100% wool carpeting to cozy up an otherwise stark space, realtors agree that the value of flooring should not be underestimated in a home.  With every $600 to $900 worth of investments yielding a return value of up to $2,000, upgrading a home’s flooring offers homeowners and realtors an easy, practical way to increase the attractiveness of any home in the housing market.



Brushed Tan Oak Hardwood

For Hector Cabrera, Frontier Luxury Flooring’s founder and self-described flooring matchmaker, the secret behind selecting the best flooring for any space is an honest and comprehensive grasp of lifestyle needs and preferred aesthetic—from homeowner to potential buyer.


Herewith, a sample of Hector’s top considerations when selecting new flooring:

Design Style

Whether aiming for a contemporary-classic look or a rugged, west coast-inspired aesthetic, developing a keen understanding of your personal design style helps define specific elements to seek in a flooring product.

Environmental Footprint

Looking to your environmental preferences for flooring inspiration can easily narrow down your search in a sea of flooring options, from sustainably produced premium hardwood to locally sourced luxury vinyl.


The presence and amount of natural and artificial light in a space can affect the appearance of flooring post-installation. Opt for light-toned floors in dim-lit spaces, saving darker stains for rooms with plenty of natural light to balance the floor’s strong patina.


Blessed with children and pets and looking for a floor that’s durable yet low maintenance, or perhaps one with an unlimited warranty? These are just some questions to ask when mulling over the multitude of options.


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