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Hey, Vancouver!

If you’re a health and wellness business owner in the Vancouver area, and dread writing your own blog posts, we have a solution for you. Introducing Fresh + Fit Vancouver, a website that provides curated lifestyle blogs for our city’s amazing health and wellness industry. Written in fun, upbeat, quirky language, Fresh + Fit is looking to build their client list—and they want YOU.

The goal of Fresh + Fit is to increase your business’ visibility through original content writing, link building, and social media shout outs. The managing writer and editor is Jennifer Browne, who is a local published health and wellness author, magazine writer, freelance editor, and health blogger. The inspiration for Fresh + Fit came from the multitude of requests she was receiving for original content and personalized web writing.

Content writing- Fresh and Fit Vancouver

On the flip-side, the website is also gearing up to be an awesome place to browse and read about local wellness businesses, and what makes each one different from the next. Fresh + Fit encourages visitors to jump outside of their comfort zone and try something new. After all, Vancouver’s health and wellness collective is growing in leaps and bounds—learning about what the industry has to offer can be incredibly rewarding, if you’re a local health junkie.

Aside from blogging, Fresh + Fit also offers advertising space and brand recognition. For a small monthly fee, the editors of Fresh + Fit are willing to go to bat for YOUR wellness business. This is definitely worth checking out.

Visit for more details, and tweet @freshfitvan.


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