Vancouver Symphony Soceity Announces 100th Anniversary “In Concert with the Community” Campaign

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra announced the 100th Anniversary In Concert with the Community Campaign to raise $30M to help secure the next 100 years of music and ensure the continued accessibility and affordability of VSO programs.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music announces Wellness Through Music

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music, in partnership with the Room 217 Foundation, is pleased to announce the launch of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music’s Wellness Through Music. 

Cancer Proof Your Body

Cancer-Proof Your Body: The Optimal Diet for Cancer Prevention and Suppression (With Hanna Rakowska, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner) Your dietary habits have a tremendous impact on your chances of recovering from cancer and preventing it in the first place. Learn about cancer suppression and prevention through the implementation of dietary changes … Read more

Vegan-Friendly Vancouver: The Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In Vancouver

  Vancouver is known for having some of the best vegan restaurants in Canada. There is a bounty of choices in the city when it comes to vegan cuisine, and the outstanding variety may even make meat eaters want to try vegan dishes. As demonstrated by the brilliant chefs in these establishments, vegan cuisine is … Read more

Simple, healthy and scrumptuous: cooling summer options

  Keepin’ It Cool In the Heat With The Finest Vancouver Refreshments  When the Vancouver summer sun hits, it’s tempting to relax over an ice cream or beer while catching some rays in Third Beach or your yard. However, doing this throughout the summer is obviously not going to do wonders for your health. Luckily, … Read more

Reminder – The Wellness Show Celebrates 25 Years in Vancouver This Weekend

  Making plans this weekend? The Wellness Show is bringing the latest cutting-edge wellness trends to the Lower Mainland March 3, 4 and 5 at the Vancouver Convention Centre (West). Celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, The Wellness Show is dedicated to helping Vancouverites achieve their most holistic, healthiest selves. The The Show features 250+ exhibitors, 100 … Read more

Fresh + Fit Vancouver: Original Content Writing

Hey, Vancouver! If you’re a health and wellness business owner in the Vancouver area, and dread writing your own blog posts, we have a solution for you. Introducing Fresh + Fit Vancouver, a website that provides curated lifestyle blogs for our city’s amazing health and wellness industry. Written in fun, upbeat, quirky language, Fresh + … Read more

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