Vegan-Friendly Vancouver: The Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In Vancouver


Vancouver is known for having some of the best vegan restaurants in Canada. There is a bounty of choices in the city when it comes to vegan cuisine, and the outstanding variety may even make meat eaters want to try vegan dishes.

As demonstrated by the brilliant chefs in these establishments, vegan cuisine is more than just raw vegetables or tofu, which is a staple in some vegetarian dishes. Tofu is loaded with health benefits and is one of the most versatile ingredients in many dishes, but it’s not the only option for vegans looking for some tasty fare. There are other vegan-friendly ingredients out there that are not only good for you but are delicious as well. If you’re in the mood to try some healthy and flavorful food, check out the top 5 vegan restaurants that will leave you craving for more.

The MeeT

This vegan restaurant has two branches—one on Main and another in Gastown. It specializes in comfort vegan food that is highly addictive, and almost everything is vegan and gluten-free. Try the Sweet Chili Cauliflower which is house beer-battered with tamarind chili-ginger glaze finished with scallions and sesame seeds. For a vegan twist on a classic dish, try their Mac N’ Cheese Bowl – macaroni noodles in cashew cheez sauce with rawmesan, scallions, and smoked salt.

Chau Veggie Express

Vegetarian food that’s inspired by Vietnamese roots in family and culture is what you’ll find in this restaurant located on Victoria Drive. Try the Namaste Fresh Rolls (lemongrass steamed organic tofu, quinoa, cucumber, carrots, Thai basil, rice vermicelli wrapped in rice paper) to start, then order their Sapa Power Salad (kale, spinach, green leaf lettuce, cucumber, sunflower seeds, roasted peanuts, toasted coconut flakes dressed with a citrus creamy toasted coconut sauce) for a healthy option that will give you tons of energy for the whole day.

Heirloom Vegetarian

This restaurant features dishes made with fairly traded ingredients, and the food is hearty, delicious, and flavorful. Try their brunch offerings, which include a gluten-free Avocado Toast – smashed avocado, Himalayan salt, pumpkin seeds on grilled baguette or multigrain bread. If you’re in the mood for pancakes, order the Buckwheat Pancakes which are topped with a seasonal compote, acai berry whip, and freeze-dried berry crumble.

The Wallflower

This place on Main Street is a great restaurant to go to when dining with friends. It offers food for vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, carnivores, and those with gluten sensitivities, so there’s something for everyone here including wholesome vegan options. They’ve got a great selection of burgers to please everybody, as well as BBQ vegan sliders (tofu, BBQ sauce, and apple fennel coleslaw). They also have their own take on the Shepherd’s Pie which is made from bean and vegetable ground, carrots, corn, mushroom, peas, gravy, mashed potato. The best part about The Wallflower is that they serve breakfast every day until 4 p.m.

Café Deux Soleils

If you’re looking to get entertained while dining, visit this establishment located on Commercial Drive. Café Deux Soleils is known for having poetry slams, fictional comedy shows, and live music nights. It’s also a good place to dine with the family as it has a great kids’ menu. You can also ask for vegan or gluten-free options. For your entrée, try their Coconut Curry (stir-fried vegetables tossed in coconut curry sauce on rice topped with grilled pineapple) while your kids can enjoy a gluten-free and vegan Taco (spinach and yam taco on a corn tortilla topped with pickled carrots and cabbage).


These five restaurants are just some of the outstanding vegan-friendly establishments that you can find in Vancouver. Check to see if you should make reservations before you visit, and have fun trying their healthy and delicious fare.


Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

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  1. Technically, none of these are pure vegan restaurants, they simply offer vegan options (and I’m glad they do). They all offer dairy and egg dishes which can easily contaminate someone wanting a pure vegan menu.


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